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Double Action Deep Drawing Presses with Blank Holders

Double Action Deep Drawing Presses with Blank Holders are accessible in

both column sort and edge outline. These presses are custom manufactured to suit the different necessity of the customer.

In Double – Action Drawing Operations the press has two slides acting from top:- the drawing slide with the Draw Punch & the Blank Holder slide with the clear holders as appeared

The Blank holding slide exchanges the clear holding energy through. The clear holder onto the clear & the draw kick the bucket. The kick the bucket & the ejector are found in the lower bite the dust on the press cot. Amid structuring, the clear holder brings the sheet metal into contact against the bite the dust, the punch plummets from above into the pass on & shapes the part while the sheet metal can stream without any wrinkling out of the clear holding territory. For this situation, the drawing methodology is completed with an altered clear holder & moving punch. In twofold activity drawing operations, the drawing slide can just apply a pressing energy.

These Double Action drawing presses are additionally accessible in both columns sort & casing outline. Custom assembled presses with peculiarities according to necessity of client/ applications might be composed & fabricate

60 650*550 500 400 10 150 mm
100 950*650 600 400 12.5 150 mm
150 950*750 650 400 15 150 mm
200 1200*800 800 500 15 200 mm
300 1200*800 800 500 20 200 mm
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