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Although progressed machine outline has a wide mixed bag of water

driven presses for some distinctive applications our pressure driven press outlines could be broken down into essential classifications to include: two post presses, four post presses, C-Frame presses vertical presses and flat water powered presses.

The most well-known press configuration is the four post water driven press. This outline is the most adaptable as an aftereffect of having no size points of confinement, and might be adjusted to almost any procedure. The four post press outline could be designed in a vertical or level position as the methodology and space accessible direct. Exact control innovations guarantees that the four post presses will be presses and proficient. Administrator access is permitted from every one of the four sides of the pressure driven press so it is extremely appropriate for some distinctive applications.

The C-casing Press determines its name from the state of the edge. The essential favorable circumstances to the C-edge outline are an open work range and expanded availability. The C-edge press peculiarities get to be much more beneficial when numerous presses are utilized for dynamic operations with computerized material taking care of moving parts from press to press. The C-outline water powered presses, on the other hand, are for the most part constrained in greatest tonnage because of the configuration.

The two post water driven press is essentially a crossover of the past two outlines. It has great availability of the work are for the administrator and support faculty while by and large taking into account higher tonnage proportion than the C-edge press.

Progressed machine configuration organization uses in excess of 26 years of designing information and experience to outline and produce substantial obligation state of the workmanship water powered presses. Our presses are accessible in standard outlines or might be redone to individual detail. Progressed machine outline organization water driven presses might be supplied with passage and passageway computerized material taking care of with the quality included of buying a whole turnkey framework from one merchant.

  • Light curtains
  • Pressure strips
  • Remote system monitoring
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Die tables
  • Die loaders
  • Die clamping
  • Die storage
  • Local or centralized controls
  • PLC control with digital operator interface
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA regulations for safety
  • Heavy duty industrial design with 4 to 1 safety factor
  • Guarding to individual specifications with E-Stop circuits
  • Minimal deflection design
  • Overload protections
  • NEMA rated panels
  • Oil cooler
  • JIC/NFPA standard components
  • IEC rated electric components
  • Full tonnage throughout stroke or cycle
5 400*300 300 200 1.5 55
10 430*330 300 200 2 60
15 450*300 350 200 2 65
25 450*350 350 250 3 80
40 500*400 400 250 3 90
60 500*400 400 250 3 100
80 550*500 400 300 5 110
100 600*500 500 300 5 125
150 600*600 600 350 7.5 150
200 650*600 600 350 10 200
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